Plumbing is the essential internal system that brings any institution, building, business or residence to life.  From the engineering of its design and layout, to it efficiencies, operation and health, it is the internal workings of the body of infrastructure.

Cardoza Plumbing Corp. is the leading specialist in plumbing installation, renovation and repairs since 1999.  As part of your integrated development and construction team or as your solution provider, we approach plumbing needs with professional, long-term results-oriented acumen.


Design Assist - Cardoza works as an integral part of your pre-construction team.  By coordinating our acumen at the design and build phase, we engineer efficiencies into the project plan, reducing costs, saving time, and minimizing waste at every stage of construction.

BIM 3D Drafting - State-of-the-art Building Image Modeling (BIM) and drafting capabilities including 3D modeling, engineering and coordination that translate into a multi-phase approach; anticipating the value and efficiency of design throughout the life-cycle of the project.


Institutional - Timing, budgets, quality and value are the pillars of institutional design and build.   Cardoza is fully capable and licensed and bonded to build any sized project.  We are the trusted name in institutional plumbing throughout the five-borough area.  Advantages include superior design, pre-construction planning and coordination, cost savings in both material and labor and on-time completion.

Healthcare - The engineering of plumbing in healthcare facilities encompasses a broad spectrum of complex needs.  Patient rooms and living facilities, administration to food service, the plumbing utilities inside institutions require complex engineering that demands planning for efficiencies, emergency systems and long-term value.Cardoza unsurpassed reputation in the engineering of healthcare plumbing is heralded by our clients including Mount Sinai Medical Center, the Hospital of Special Surgery, North Shore Long Island Jewish and St. Barnabas Hospital and many other prestigious healthcare institutions in the New York Metro area.

Residential - Cardoza Plumbing employs nearly 100 highly adept journeyman plumbers.  Craftsmen trained at Local Union #1 trade schools.  Our plumbers are your reliable, neighborhood craftsmen, ready and able to assist you with your residential needs, from backflow testing and your hot water boiler to more serious problem, like gas lines and sewer stoppage. We are the professionals.

Commercial - Whether you are installing or servicing your businesses plumbing, Cardoza works with our clients to find the right solution to their plumbing needs both pre and post construction. With the very same expertise, planning and efficiencies that have earned us our reputation among some of Manhattan’s most prominent developers, we service your local commercial business.  At Cardoza we understand the value of good business begins with a trusted relationship.  We are the trusted resource of all of our clients.

Repair & Maintenance - Plumbing malfunctions, on any scale, can quickly escalate from nuisance to emergency. Trained and licensed professionals, with engineering resources, state-of-the-art methodologies and acumen are needed to ensure an expedient and lasting solution to your problem.

Cardoza has been masters of the plumbing craft for nearly two decades.  Trusted by hospitals, developers and  institutions . . . we are large enough to handle projects of any size, yet agile enough to provide highly personalized attention. 

We are Cardoza Plumbing Corp.