Happy Easter, Tony!

I hope you’re able to enjoy the day with your family, especially in light of losing someone close to you. It’s a pleasure and an honor to work with you and your team, and this tent would never have happened without you, Raymond, JP, and the guys building it. It is truly amazing what we are able to do as a team, and you guys had an impossible task ahead of you. You killed it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you do every day, and the example you set for the people around you of how to work honestly, earnestly, and with dignity.

Brian Marman

Mike, Peter, I’ll like to just say THANK YOU to the CARDOZA Team!
You did an amazing job for our Covid19 Emergency Lobby PODs project.  We at MSH are truly lucky to have a plumbing team that always delivers, no matter how challenging the task is. It’s a pleasure to have you on site and work with you.
We are so impressed and grateful.  Cardoza really is the best!


Alci Luciano
Senior Project Manager – FD&C
The Mount Sinai Hospital

Good Afternoon Tony,

As you are more than well aware we are living in strange and trying times. Your plumbers are stretched to the max with all the work at Tisch and Kimmel. I’m contacting you to thank you for having staff made available to address the issues here at One Park as well. I have been working with John Patrk and he has helped me deal with some less than perfect situations. He got the parts and people scheduled to replace the sinks and faucets on the 15th floor in both Ladies ad Men’s restrooms. Especially now as handwashing is of the utmost importance.

Without mincing words you have some damn good people working for you and I appreciate all the work that has been done because I’m working with Cardoza Plumbing .

Please pass on my thanks to John Patrk,  Anthony and Mike Grey


Be safe Be Careful

Charles Yohe
Tenant Coordinator
Real Estate Development & Facilities
NYU Langone Health

Re: Barnard College Altschul Lab

Peter, Bob,
I want to thank you, and your team, for all your efforts this week to make the 9th floor lab disconnects and re-piping happen in the extremely tight schedule that was given to us. Pulling out the stops, like this, make us all look good. The client is very happy and speaks well of your plumbers’ technical skills.
Great Job and thanks again!

Leonard A. Hughes
Director of Construction
King Rose Construction

All of the manual faucets that needed to be replaced with automatic faucets on NICU have been replaced.
Kevin from Cardoza and his guys did a tremendous job in getting this work done before the DOH. I mean it, when I say Cardoza is one of our best subs. We can always count on them to get the job done.
Big thank you Kevin and Cardoza!

Michael Cassella
General Superintendant, Vice President
Mt. Sinai West

Team Cardoza,
I just wanted to take some time and let you know that John Patrk is doing an outstanding job for us on the NY Genome Project. John is a true professional, knows how to run a job and is 100% engaged in the project. I hope to work with him on future Turner projects.

Thank You,
Peter LoMauro
Turner Construction Company

Your company did a great job and we are looking forward to working more with you and Ray.

Richard W. Tully, Jr.
Interstate Mechanical Services, Inc.

Great work!! Thank you.

Loida Ramos / Vice President
Planning, Design and Construction
Mount Sinai Health System

Congratulations on a carefully planned and well executed operation. Please extend to the subcontractors as well.

Thomas M. Curcio / LEED AP - Senior Project Manager
CBRE | Healthcare

I am very pleased to report that all dampers have been installed and both ACS/ACR 9/10 were restarted just before 11:00am.
We were also able to complete the installation of all valves in both the north and south loops. The north loop was certified by 7:00am. The south loop was certified by 9:00am. It was great night, made possible by a great effort in planning by the team, and the execution went exactly as planned, even finishing ahead of schedule.

Thank you,
Thomas Drumm / Vice President, Senior Project Manager
Mt. Sinai West Surgical Suite Expansion

Our Thanks to Cardoza Plumbing Corp for the help on this project and especially to your site foreman Mark who along with Robbie and onsite crew proved to be as professional and as skilled as we could have asked for .. Again, thank you and we look forward to working with Cardoza Corp in the future.

Harrison Connell / Vice President Operations
Compass Cryogenics, Inc.

"I just wanted to let you guys know that yesterday in the OAT meeting the Architect, Engineer, and the Owner along with the facilities manager all complimented the workmanship of the piping on the 4Th floor. Mike did a great job on the RODI system, Med gas and sterilizer piping and everyone from the owner and engineering noticed. Thanks again for sending him because he really did a great job here."

Matt Miranda / Project Superintendant
Turner Construction Company

"Given the aggressive and multi-phased schedule on top of the difficulty of working in a tightly packed existing conditions, the team from Cardoza performed outstandingly and stepped up to meet all of the challenges. Thank you and your team for your performance at the NYU Langone Urgent Care project which help make this project a success. Cardoza has demonstrated their ability to work as part of a team on several of my projects. I look forward to working with you and your staff on our next project."

Joseph Chin | Senior Vice President – Healthcare
Structure Tone Inc.

"In our industry dependability means a lot. It’s tough to find a company where every team member goes above and beyond the call of duty to care of a project’s needs. Cardoza Plumbing has been put to the test many times and has always come through. Their workmanship is excellent, they don’t fall under pressure and I would absolutely recommend them for any job."

Antonio Cabrera, LEED AP | Senior Project Manager , Lend Lease - Columbia Manhattanville Expansion

"I had the opportunity to work with Cardoza Plumbing as part of the various “Immediate Needs” projects at the NYU Langone Medical Center from 2007 to 2010. Their attention to detail and customer service contributed, in large part, to the success of multiple projects during this extremely complicated interior renovation program. Working within an occupied hospital facility can pose various logistical and physical challenges, and Cardoza’s field staff and management team worked tirelessly to ensure their work minimized impact to the operation of the hospital around them. It was truly a pleasure working with them and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Brandon Morrison |Sr. Project Manager, Lend Lease (US) - Construction LMB, Inc.

During my 30+ years in the Construction Management Industry, specializing in New Hospital Construction and Renovations, I’ve dealt with many Plumbing Contractors. Cardoza Plumbing has and continues to be the one that can be depended upon. Client Oriented, with obvious total commitment to professionalism and cooperation, there is nothing they can’t or won’t do. Upper Management, Project Management, Engineering, Office Management, Field Representatives and Plumbers, Form Top To Bottom, there is none better.

John Gravina - McKissack & McKissack

Over the past 15 years I have worked on over half a dozen, out of the ground projects with Cardoza Plumbing . They are everything you need from a plumbing contractor, especially on large scale projects; experienced, professional, reliable, responsible and responsive. The entire Cardoza organization professionally manages each phase of a project; shop drawings, field and construction coordination, with strong project management and field support. I am more than comfortable in saying they are the elite Plumber in the city.

Anthony Lauria - Gotham Construction

I would like to take this time to let you know that I have been dealing with Benny Moscatello and his team for over a year now at Columbia University Medical Center and I think they have done a wonderful job in their efforts to repair our ever failing infrastructure. Their prompt response and rapid repair time has helped this University through dozens and dozens, if not more, of major piping repairs. They are an asset to this campus and we are lucky to have them.
I will be moving over to a different department on Monday but wanted you to know that I am extremely satisfied with the service that has been provided.

Robert Murphy | CEM, CBCP
Assistant Director of Physical Plant
Columbia University Medical Center
Facilities Management

“At our recently completed clinical space renovation project, Cardoza Plumbing Corp. accomplished a major renovation sandwiched between occupied floors above and below. The efforts of the Cardoza “TEAM” led to cost and time savings to the benefit of our Client. Cardoza Plumbing Corp. again distinguished themselves as the lead trade contractor on this most challenging project.”

Jasper J. DeFazio / V. P. Construction Executive
Turner Construction Company